Travel like a local in Samothraki

Samothrace, in contrast to the majority of Greek islands, is better known for its breathtaking waterfalls than for its sandy beaches. The streams that form the waterfalls descend from the summit of Mount Saos, where they first appear. Vathres are little lakes that resemble natural pools and are shaped by these waterfalls.

Why you should visit Samothraki Island?

Samothraki has a lot of sights and activities to offer. The island is home to several magnificent ancient structures. It is the location of both the enigmatic Kabeiroi cult and the renowned “Nike of Samothrace” statue. Three fortress towers and a defensive stonewall built in the 15th century during the Venetian colonization of the island’s northern region are two further historical landmarks. Furthermore, the island is a great destination for those who enjoy extreme sports because there are several options for canyoning in a beautiful setting among waterfalls.


Best things to do

One of the most fascinating places to see in Samothraki is the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, which is situated in the northern region of the island. It is a component of the same well-known religious complex that includes the well-known Rock Altars. The sanctuary is located in the southeast corner of Paleopoli village. Scientists claim that this temple is among the biggest and most significant of its sort to have been found in all of Greece. It was created in the seventh century BC.

Furthermore, you should definitely discover the beauty of Gria Vathra. Between the canyon’s boulders, a deep mountain river winds its way toward the Aegean. The region is covered with rich, exquisitely green woodlands. Even on the hottest summer days, you can find some cooling here. The best reward is to take a relaxing break beside some of the natural pools and listen to the sounds of falling water and bird song. The most gorgeous site on the island, in fact, is this one.

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